TYR Hydroblade Fin

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Hydroblade Fin

Turn up the intensity and generate strength with the brand new TYR Hydroblade Fins. A revolutionary piece of training equipment, these new short blade training fins promote a flutter kick motion that increases power and movement speed. A comfortable yet rigorous experience awaits even the most elite athletes.

Product Features:
  • Angled Blade Surface, creates upward kick resistance for a harder workout that improves strength and technique
  • Channel Side Rails, amplify power and support in the water by increasing leg strength and capacity in the upsweep
  • Ribbed Foot Pocket, rounded edges reduce friction and improve comfort
  • Heel Strap Design with Pull Tab, easy on/off for quick transitioning
    • XXL, M 12-14 / W 13.5-15.5
    • XL, M 10-11 / W 11.5-12.5
    • L, M 8-9 / W 9.5-10.5
    • M, M 6-7 / W 7.5-8.5
    • S, M 4-6 / W 5.5-7.5